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In regard to rates, we at Alexis Club find that more and more clients come to us and express the opinion that our packages are very expensive. However, we believe that the price you pay for a package with us is better than that which you would pay if you were to create the vacation for yourself. In order to make the prices of our packages seem more attractive to potential customers, we have taken the time to compare one that we offer against a ‘do it yourself’ booking that anyone could create by themselves.

In order to create a benchmark, we chose to use the "Package #2 Beach, Resort and Casino" vacation that we offer. For 4 days and 3 nights you pay $2,490. It’s important to understand exactly what is covered with this particular vacation – we cover your escort (and a switch of escort if needed), all taxes and tipping, 4 star accommodation with 5 restaurants, six bars, a disco, swimming pools and Jacuzzis, transportation, free activities and nightly entertainment. And the beach!  This isn’t a Holiday Inn near the airport, you are staying on the beach in a great Caribbean resort.  Once this is taken in to account, we can then start to compare exactly what you would pay if you were to create a similar vacation by yourself.

Escort Service: We checked a total of 18 escort popular North American services and found that over half of them decided against sharing rates. The ones that did, offered their services for a price of $250 to $2,000 dollars an hour. At the highest end of the market, many ladies charge $5,000 per hour and I saw who was as high as $25,000.  A little more realistically, there was one escort who charged $1,200 dollars for an overnight visit (a total of eight hours) which equals $150 per hour. Of course, you will find that escorts are more willing to lower their prices if the length of visit increases. For a generous estimate, we’ll assume that an escort would be willing to charge $2,000 for a full 24-hours. This at 4 days and 3 nights equals a total of $6,000.

I’ve never asked why these girls charge that?  I suppose it’s a price subsidy from the government, everything illegal costs more.  Companionship is legal in the Dominican Republic but not in most other areas.  On the other hand, most of these girls are rude and annoying.  Our girls on the hand, will treat you like their man.  They are young, beautiful and delicious.  Even better, they are happy to be with you and they will let you know that.   
Four Star Hotel: A four star hotel will set you back a total of $800 in optimal circumstances.  Since there is no beach and no tropics, what makes this place is probably the clean sheets.  Great, but what are you expecting?  This isn’t a holiday, it’s just what you are doing to get away from your house.

Meals: Assuming that you both eat ten meals during your vacation, you’d be looking to pay around $450 for both of you to eat.

Beverages: Due to the nature of your vacation and upscale costs of hotels, you could potentially go through $400 worth of alcohol without much trouble.  You know what drinks cost in a bar, now double that in your hotel (except ours – where they are free).

Transportation: Taxis to and from the airport and around the island would set you back an estimated $150.

Total: The combination of all these costs equals $7,800 for 4 days and 3 nights.

Remember, these costs do not include beach access, nightly entertainment, heaps of activities and an optional escort replacement. Owing to the nature of hotels and resorts in general, you can obviously see that a DIY vacation package is very expensive and nowhere near as easy as letting Alexis Club create a holiday for you. Another point to consider is the selection of escorts we offer – all of the girls that are available for escorting come at no extra cost, meaning that you won’t have to settle for second best because the escort you want is too expensive.

This is why most escorting is broken up into one hour or less services.  Who can pay these kinds of rates?  And why would you want to with a girl who can’t even be bothered to learn your name? 
Our approach is to change this and make real companionship affordable and simple.  We provide high quality girlfriends in high quality accommodations and we do it at a fraction of this cost.  Our holidays are better and our holidays are cheaper.

In fact, we at Alexis Club are so sure that our packages are cheaper than that of something an ordinary person could book, we’ll consider giving you a huge discount on any of the vacations we offer if you are able to provide solid contact information and proof of lower fees. Try us, we dare you!


In regard to resorts, we at Alexis Club find that a small number of potential clients come across bad reviews of the hotel they plan to stay at and are put off by what they hear. We cannot insist enough that you disregard these reviews and try our packages out – we will support you throughout your vacation and take every measure to ensure the hotels we use are the best available.

Actually, a lot of online reviews are not accurate for a number of reasons.  It makes sense that these reviews are not very helpful if you think about them for a few minutes.

Basically, these reviews are written by people from all walks of life who have limited beach travel experience and possess a million different expectations.  For example, what are the odds that these people know what they are talking about?  A restaurant critic is a professional chef who has eaten in 1,000 different locations.  How much perspective do you think the people writing about their holiday have with their one or two previous posts?  That’s why they tell you how many posts somebody has, how seriously can you take somebody who’s perspective is so limited?

Kind of similar to this are the frame of reference issues.  For example, somebody from the inner city will say there is no crime because the security guards smiled all the time and didn’t have automatic weapons.  On the other hand, somebody from Beverly Hills will say that the crime levels were too scary because there were people darker than they are people walking around.  Of course, in the review, the writer only says that he/she only thought that crime was high or low.  If neither of these people put their beliefs in context, how you do know if they are accurate or apply to you?

Of course, these people may not even be talking about the resort.  What if they had the world’s best make up sex and that couple’s marriage is saved?  That has nothing to do with the resort but guess how that review will read.  On the other hand, what if the wife got annoyed about a topless girl at the beach?  (A topless girl on the beach sounds good to me but not to the lady who wrote the review you are reading.)  Or they were pissed off at the customs guy at the airport and never got over that?

Here is something scary, some of these reviews are fake.  The hotels almost never actually read these reviews but instead use special software that simply scans them for key words like "bad maintenance" and so forth.  However, since anybody can say anything on the internet, it’s safe to assume that they still bash each other every once in a while.  On the internet, anybody can say anything, and they usually do.  How do you know if you are reading a review from an actual guest or from an employee of one resort picking on a different resort?

Perceived value is also critical in these reviews.  For example, when you order popcorn shrimp from McDonald’s, is it safe to say that your expectations are lower as compared to when you order Tiger Tails from Red Lobster?  The bargain from McDonalds is very far away from the dish served by Red Lobster that there is not very much of a comparison but as long as the stuff from McDonalds was okay and it just cost a dollar…

Lets talk about expectations for a minute too.  Lets say you go to the movies, what do you expect from Steven Speilberg versus your neighbor’s kid?  How hard it is for Steven Spielberg to exceed expectations and get a good review? 
It’s actually pretty common for dumps to be rated higher than high quality places.  Viewing this sort of like apples and oranges, how is it possible for a business hotel in the city with no pool and breakfast only to rate higher than a beachfront resort with a handful of pools, a handful of restaurants, the warm tropical sun, a disco, a casino and so forth?  And, don’t forget, the city hotel with zero amenities costs more.  Pop quiz, you have three days to burn, do you spend them in the Holiday Inn over on Ventura by the airport or do you fly to the all-inclusive beach resort in the tropics?  Well, the beach resort should win that every time but people expect a Holiday Inn to have no amenities so as long as the sheets on the bed are fresh and the ice machine works that place gets a five out of five while the beach resort gets rated by the amount of effort it takes to get there along with the beach, the restaurants, the nightly entertainment, the casino, the disco and everything else in addition to the fresh sheets on the bed and wether or not the ice machine works.

I should also comment on the kind of atmosphere that you personally like compared to other people and how the atmosphere of places synch up with everybody.  Some people want someplace that is quiet and relaxing while others want a vibrant place with lots of activities.  If you want a quiet place but you go to a place that is vibrant, it might be the kind of place that Hollywood stars party at but you would rank it low.  On the other hand, what if you like to party in a disco all night long with the beautiful people and you get stuck in a romantic place where people just hold hands and cuddle all day? 
Plus, it’s also worth noting that there are some people who like to complain regardless of the situation – nay sayers are all too common these days.  It’s actually a proven fact that some people are insane.  For example they are always too angry, always too sad, always too happy and so forth.  If reality doesn’t determine their view of things…

Finally you’ll find a majority of the complaints come from people who booked the cheapest possible room or some kind of crazy package. Rest assured that you will be provided with a quality room and Alexis Club makes no scarifies of quality to reduce our expenditure.  The complaints do not apply to you.

These reviews are interesting but they are rarely very useful or accurate.  On the other hand, they do go very far in proving that you will enjoy a real place with real amenities.  This is quite a difference from alternative service providers who give you something like a bedroom in their rental villa.  At least the real resort has people who talk about it and the real place is accountable for the quality level they provide.  For example, no matter what the reviewers write,  none of them complain that they were charged for towels, soap in the bathroom and so forth.

In any event, on the topic of all-inclusive packages, we’ll compare against them to show you that Alexis Club actually comes out on top.  We offer great rates and we provide the best rooms in the resort instead of the worst.  We found that an all-inclusive package to a location near one that we offer comes out at around $1,000 for the same length of time. That leaves you $1,500 to pay for an escort, outside meals, transport, activities and you run the risk of having an escort you’re not entirely comfortable with.

Of course, most of these comments are about strict price comparisons.  In the real world, comparing apples to oranges doesn’t actually work very well.  An apple would be a generic holiday, lets call this an hour with a girl who calls your employer to check up on you before saying yes.  On the other hand, an orange would be like us, a beautiful young latina girl who melts in your arms on a tropical beach.  In this case, the oranges are less expensive but they also sound more tasty too.

As you can see, the prices of our Alexis Club packages are actually better than normal booking agencies and a DIY vacation. And we offer high quality and true value on top of that. There’s really no reason why you shouldn’t book your erotic holiday with us – we are known industry wide, easily approachable and veterans in the world of high quality escort vacations.

What are our resorts like?

Yes, they are on the beach.  Yes, they include a few pools.  Yes, they are all-inclusive.  Yes, they exceed your every expectation.

A good holiday is more than the sum of it’s parts and your girlfriend is just one of the parts.  We place just as much focus on your resort setting in order to create the best possible vacation for you.

Again, there are major differences here and they are very obvious.  For example, if girls are their product and they are comfortable at a level which is so low that they can not guarantee you any specific ladies in advance (or they bait and switch you after you arrive), what kind of environment do you think holiday coordinators which use lineups present?

Some of them use budget hotels or bargain resorts.  Others get a rental villa and give you one of the bedrooms.  They usually pitch that as quiet and remote in the company of “like minded” people.  Cool, I guess that’s like living in a college dorm again and putting a tie on your door knob.  And you get to pick from everybody else’s leftovers.  Yeah, a bedroom with a drama queen of the day is pretty crappy when you get right down to it. 
We use villas as well, but you get the whole place to yourself.  That’s relaxing, just you and your girlfriend.  And we are happy to provide you with just about any kind of villa you would like; we have some on the beach, some in country clubs and some up on the mountain tops.  You don’t have to share your villa with anybody, all of the bedrooms are yours.  You just have to decide if you want the beach in your back yard, you want free golfing or if you want panoramic views which stretch on for miles and miles over the ocean and our lush tropical beauty. 
And if you want a much faster pace during your holiday, we are happy to present a wide range of real resorts to you instead.  These places are the kind of resorts which honeymoon couples visit in order to enjoy the tropics.  They are beachfront resorts which cost a hundred million dollars to build and you know it.

A lot of the alternative service providers criticize these places by talking about kids and that kind of stuff.  What a joke.  Seriously, there are 500 different options.  If kids bother you, don’t pick one of those.  Instead you might want to enjoy one of our private (and sole use) villas or follow the honeymoon couples.  Some of those honeymoon couples will make you look like an amateur. 
How good are these places?  People go to them in order to enjoy them.  Enjoying the resort is the purpose of the holiday.  You get to enjoy our ladies as well. 
How do our resorts compare against a bedroom somewhere else?  Well, our places are operated by hospitality professionals who have hospitality degrees and they are ranked well against a million other high end resorts world wide.  If nothing else, they comply with every health and safety legal requirement applicable to all high end global hospitality businesses so you know that you will have a risk free visit.  When we say that they are four stars or five stars (as appropriate), that’s what world wide independent hospitality professionals certify.  On the other hand, the bedroom in the other options is not ranked anywhere against anything and it’s operated by an adult service provider who can’t even coordinate (or purchase) reliable adult entertainment.

You are in good hands, enjoy!

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