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Welcome first timers!

As with anything else, everything special requires a little bit of effort or it would not be worth while.  Planning a great holiday is just like that and an adult erotic vacation has it’s own special kind of taboos on top of that.

First time guests are always nervous, you wouldn’t be human if you weren’t.  We understand that and it’s perfectly normal.  Don’t worry, everybody is new at everything at some point.  We’ve been doing this for 26 years, thousands of earlier guests have felt the same way you do right now.

On one hand, an adult holiday is a lot of money and, on the other hand, most of the alternative service providers are so shoddy that they are practically scams.  Everybody has heard horror stories about them that their girls are nasty and vicious, that their girls don’t stay, that their girls don’t have sex, that their girls push for tips, that their girls steal, how you might end up sleeping in a tent, how you might not even get any girls and so forth.  The number and variety of horror stories are endless, which is why you should go with the Alexis Club and why you should call me so that I can put you at ease about how none of that will happen to you.

After 26 years in the adult industry, I have written the bible on great holidays.  As a result of our commitment to great holidays and client satisfaction, our guests agree that they receive more exclusive service than they expected and that their trip was an extraordinary value.  This is easy to see, many of them return annually and sometimes even sooner.

As part of your first step exploring an adult vacation, I’d like to talk to you in person so that you can see how well I’m going to take great care of you.  It’s not that I’m going to be polite and all of that other fluff, my competitors excel at ingratiating themselves but they still do all of those horror stories to you after your arrival anyway.  Saying this or that is bullshit, talk is cheap.  Instead, I’m going to show you.

In addition to answering your questions, I’m going to show you how to understand what I am saying to you.  You will understand how you will have a great time, it will make sense to you and you will be able to step into your airplane in complete confidence that everything will work out great for you.

Basically, I’m not asking you to trust me, I am asking you for the opportunity to earn your trust.

How am I going to earn your trust?  I’m going to show you that I am worthy of it.  For example, some people believe that the key to a good holiday is stuff that is not adult related.  Okay, but that seems pretty stupid when you think about it.  How can the stuff that makes an adult holiday good be the stuff that is not adult related?  The villa is a good example of that, are you going to spend the day and have sex with a pile of cement or the girls inside of it?  So, despite most of the alternative service providers focusing on their rental villa so much, what’s the most important part of your holiday?

This sort of stuff is common sense in hind sight.  Coordinating a great holiday for yourself is very simple once you understand more of what you are looking at.  Every aspect is common sense like this, obviously the girls are the most important part of your holiday but it’s easy to be side tracked by miscellaneous fluff when you don’t know the right questions to ask.

Another common foolishness is that most of the alternative service providers have turned their huge employee turnover into a positive thing with lineups like you are in a brothel.  Brothel lineups only work in a brothel with girls for an hour.  They do not work for adult holidays, which is why the alternative service providers talk about switching ladies so much.  Switching girls so much in order to fix the problems the brothel style lineups have caused in the first place is like patching up the plumbing in your house with oatmeal.

Why don’t brothel lineups work?  That’s simple common sense.  Among many other reasons, can you leave your life for one day or one week depending on who walks in the door an hour from now?  What kind of person do you think can?  And 24 hours with that fucked up bitch sounds great to you?

How well do you think a company which has an amazingly high turnover and has no idea which girls will show up on any given day operates?

Can you name any business anywhere which does anything and has this kind of unpredictability that operates well? Worse, what do you think those girls are like?  Think back to when you were much younger and doing a summer job somewhere, did you put your heart and soul into making the best possible hamburger and fries you could?

You can discover an assortment of other problems with brothel girls and lineups after thinking about it for a little bit but the bottom line is that lineups are a joke.  Despite the hype about being able to talk to the girls who are hanging around for ten minutes, in the real world, those companies just operate so poorly that they have no idea which girls will show up on any given day.  And those are the people who are going to make sure you have a great time?

Lets talk about the photos of the girls for a minute, now that we have explored the ladies a little bit, it should be clear that the photos are a good indication of the kind of holiday you will have.  Fake photos means that your holiday will be shoddy, you will not enjoy yourself and you will not believe you obtained good value no matter how little you paid.  Those companies only expect to see you once, and they will take as much advantage of you as possible during your one and only visit to them.

One easy way to avoid these problems, now that you know better, is to see if the photos are fake or not.  Common sense indicates there will probably be problems if the photos you are provided are limited in number, feature different backgrounds, don’t include multiple girls together who are also in other photos separately, are not updated over time and so forth.

Why would you visit an adult resort that has obviously fake girls if the girls are the point of your trip?

To put you at better ease and to show you the actual real girls whom you may enjoy with us, our photos are the opposite.  We update our photos in general and of all our girls individually over time (practically weekly for the last several years), we photograph our girls in different combinations, we photograph them with the same backgrounds and so forth.  Obviously, our girls are real.  Obviously, our girls stay with us a long time.

When you think about this, how much better will your holiday be if you enjoy the girls you want and that those girls want to be with you?

As you discover more about how adult holidays work and what that means, we will also be learning more about you.  This helps us steer you towards the ladies who will produce the best chemistry with you.

Chemistry is why some people are your friends while others are your enemies, it’s a crazy thing that is more than skin deep.

Another way we visibly take great care of you is to weed out undesirable potential guests.  You will not have to stay in our resort side-by-side with everybody who walks in off the street.  And you will not get girls who are jaded and have been screwed over by those assholes.  As simply as this can be stated, it takes more than the ability to pay in order to be our client.

One of the problems with the hospitality business is that there are some really crazy people out there.  It’s just not possible to make everybody happy and we’re not interested in exposing you to those insane whack jobs in order to earn just a little bit extra during the week of your visit.  We work like a country club, screening out the trouble makers when we talk to them ensures that everybody else will have a much better time.

Sure, arguing with insane people gives us more than our fair share of mortal enemies but that’s the cost of doing a business which provides everybody who is reasonably normal the best possible service we can provide.  This is just one of the ways we take great care of you, our black list policies are well described and strongly enforced. As another example of more common sense in hind sight, not forcing you to put up with assholes seems like another great example of how we show our guests the best possible time.

This kind of stuff is common sense when you think about it.  All of the horror stories that you have heard are avoidable, if you will call me and allow me to help you avoid those problems.

I hope by now you are starting to see some of the ways that we ensure you will receive and enjoy everything you expect.  Our photos indicate that the girls are real and wonderful.  Our blacklisting of troublemakers ensure you will have a simple and drama free holiday.

All of this is common sense now that you are starting to understand the right kind of questions to ask.

People who scam others for a living have no problem lying to you or being nice in order to close a sale.  That’s the whole point of a scam, separating suckers from their money.  However, everything I have already said is common sense and it’s the tip of the iceberg about how I want to help you relax now and enjoy yourself later.  I will put your fears to ease and I will earn your trust.  I’m not going to be more polite to you than anybody else, I’m not going to promise you more than anybody else and I’m not going to do any funny games.

However, what I will do, is deliver more to you and you will know that after talking to me for just five or ten minutes.

I would like to ease your apprehension with a simple phone call that will allow me to answer all of your questions and explain why you will

enjoy yourself with us.   Please call me any time, day or night, I am

always available to you for any questions or concerns you have.  My name is Alexis, I’m just an average guy who’s been doing this for a long time and I stand behind my holidays.  My phone number, toll and obligation free, is

1 – 800 – 919 – 9794.  Please call me today!

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