Posted on: November 26th, 2009 Five Ideas For Bachelor Party

So your friend is getting married soon and you have been charged with the responsibility of planning the bachelor party. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity for your bud and his last taste of single life, so why not make it a big blast and a memorable one? Here’s a few ideas to get you started!

1) Go To Vegas – What better way to put your buddy into the shackles of sainthood by visiting the city of sin? Give him one last taste of what he’s missing, and enjoy yourself with your buddies. Vegas is always a great place no matter what you want – whether they are bars and clubs or high end luxury hotels. Besides, what better place for you and your other single buddies to get some action in on the side and have some fun of your own?

2) Home Sweet Home – It’s a traditional and long practiced place for bachelor parties. You’re on familiar territory, so it’s easy to come up with various surprises and planned events for your friend. Besides, he’ll also be very comfortable at home, and things can go smoothly with a minimum of interruption from unforseen circumstances.

3) Plan A Vacation – If you want to be really fancy and exotic, you can plan a full blown vacation for your buddy and bring a few escorts from places such as Alexis Club. It’s a great way to give your buddy a special fill of what he won’t have again for the rest of his life! You can bet that this’ll be one he’ll remember and thank you for later. Besides, he’ll owe you one when it comes your turn!

4) Go To A Sports Game – The agelong established place for men to bond, over the dueling battlefield of football, baseball, or other manly sports. What better way to show your friend a good time than to get him good tickets to the Superbowl? It’s the perfect way to show some male bonding and haev a great time without getting into too much trouble!

5) Plan It With the Bachelorette – This isn’t 1800s anymore, so it’s not like people don’t know what goes on at the other party. If you have to do planning, why not share your ideas and problems with your counterpart? Besides, you can make sure that they’re both kind of on the same level that way too. The wife can’t feel too good if you took the husband on a 7 day long cruise with 12 stripper while she’s stuck at home with a 2 hour tea party! In the end though, remember that it’s your friend’s bachelor party and it’s ultimately up to him to decide what to do. If he’s up for it though, then it’s completely up to you to make his vision come alive with all the glory of singledom. Good luck and may you have a great bachelor party! offers a variety of services such as adult vacation planning and escort services.

Posted on: November 26th, 2009 New Packages – Great Discounts


Enjoy an exotic & romantic super-inclusive resort with your escort(s)

Located along Costa Dorada Beach on the Dominican Republic’s Amber Coast, this resort faces a golden-sand beach and the waters of the Atlantic; it is 5 km (3 miles) from the town of Puerto Plata.  Resort’s room rate includes meals, drinks, pool and tennis court use, snorkeling gear, access to both the open-air theater with nightly live shows, and the on-site disco.



Welcome to an  all-inclusive Caribbean Oasis in PuntaCana

Located to the east of the Caribbean coast of Punta Cana, on the beach front, protected by the coral reef and surrounded by a large tropical garden, lies your resort. Our Punta Cana hotel enjoys an unbeatable situation, close to the Fishing Yacht Club, 7 minutes from the golf courses and just 20 minutes from Punta Cana International Airport.

Posted on: November 24th, 2009 Definitions-Terms of our Services at Destination

Many prospective clients visit our  Photos & Bios page but do not scroll to the end of the page where some very important things are posted.

So here we go:

Personality Type – This is not a quality rating. These are standard psychology terms which we are using to indicate a girl’s general overall personality and the type of service she will probably provide (which hints at the possible “chemistry” you will enjoy). The word “GFE” is an industry term which means “girl friend experience”. Our ladies are very warm and sincere, you’ll find them all to be true instant girlfriends.

Co-Dependant – Left  GFE – She’s the ideal girlfriend, she’ll hang on your arm and make you the center of attention. She loves doing whatever you do, she’s a relaxing, affectionate & romantic cuddle kitten. They are the very model of what it means to be tender, warm and sincere. These girls are normally introverts, they love to read with you by the pool and their sex drive is eager to please.

Mixed GFE – Mid GFE – She can be co-dependent as well as independent, it just depends on what kind of chemistry you have. She’s great for

everything, you’ll find her very romantic in the bedroom and very vibrant around the resort. These girls are normally a mix of

introverts and extroverts, you’ll love the nightlife in the club and around the resort with them and they are also great for relaxing.

Independent – Mid Right GFE – She’s a fun loving girl who is very warm, sincere and affectionate but who doesn’t need to be holding your hand unless you want her too. She’s perfect if you’re in and out with business meetings, she’ll be happy waiting by the pool for you to return. These girls are normally extroverts, you’ll have the time of your life with them. These ladies have a high sex drive!

Professional – Right GFE – The cream of the crop, these girls are whatever you want them to be. They are just as warm & sincere as the other girls, you’ll find them to be wonderful & attentive girlfriends. On the other hand, these girls tend to have an amazing sex drive and even

provide what can only be described as a “porn star experience”. You’ll want to grab hold and hang on tight with these ladies.


Note #1  No presented ladies smoke cigarettes. All presented ladies are light social drinkers and are of legal age to drink in the Dominican Republic. All presented ladies are legally an adult. All presented ladies enjoy kissing.

2. The described activities are a “best guess” on what any given lady is likely to do. These are consensual activities which are performed between two consenting adults, the Alexis Club (and associated entities) is not a party to these activities. No physical intimacy is bought, sold, promised, inferred,implied or remunerated (financially compensated).

3. This list is subject to change and may contain a variety of inaccuracies. Also, the listed details should be assumed to be influenced by the chemistry between the participants, hygiene of the patron, sobriety of the patron, funding provided by the patron and so forth.

4. This list may not feature all of the available full time girls, may not contain part time girls, may contain girls who have recently become inactive for one reason or another and may or may not reflect girls who may have been reserved by other patrons. This list is dated and updated frequently.


Replacement Policy 



Our ladies make a genuine effort to please and we guaranty “chemistry”. There is no extra charge for the replacement of a selected lady if she isn’t working out. However, chemistry is a funny thing and the hospitality business tends to attract all kinds of bad apples, so please note the following details of our companion replacement policy…

1. The replacement must be in a “whole day” increment. For example, an even 24 hour period would be from noon today until noon


2. You may select only from available ladies for your replacement. Most of our appointments are booked in advance and held by a deposit, you may enjoy only ladies which are unreserved.

3. The chemistry problems must be related to normal kinds of issues which don’t involve medication you are (or should) be taking or anything a psychiatrist is (or should) be treating you for.  Among other things, there is no replacement, no refund and your escort (s) are taken away if you intentionally inflict pain, deny food, take inappropriate photographs, act inappropriate due to alcohol/drugs and so forth. If you are this kind of patron, thank you for pre-screening yourself.


You can be assured of discrete and considerate service.  We comply with all internationally recognized standards of personal data privacy protection, understand the need for a high level of privacy in this industry and we take every reasonable means to protect our past, current and future clients.

All persons who appear in any visual depiction by Alexis Club were eighteen (21) years of age (or older) at the time of the creation of such depictions.  The records required by Section 2257 of Title 18 of the United States Code with respect to visual depictions of sexually explicit conduct are kept by the custodian of records who can be reached via this website, except with regard to visual depictions of sexually explicit conduct made before July 3, 1995; which are exempt from the requirements set forth in 18 U.S.C 2257 and 28 C.F.R 75. 

This web site is controlled and operated by Alexis Club (and it’s representatives) from outside the United States of America.

No representation is made or implied that the information and companionship services which are available on this site are appropriate or available for use in any other location outside of the Dominican Republic, and access to our web site and services from other jurisdictions where our website content may be considered illegal or inappropriate is prohibited.

This site is designed and intended solely for consenting adults, which is defined as people who are at least 21 years old according to our standards.  The materials which are available within this site may include graphic visual depictions and descriptions of nudity and sexual activity and should not be accessed by anyone who is younger than 21 years old or who is offended by such materials or information.

Under no circumstances is this site to be utilized for any illegal activity.  The site may not be accessed, viewed, downloaded or otherwise received in any country or location in which doing so would or could be deemed a violation of any law, regulation, rule, ordinance, edict or custom.

By visiting this website or patronizing our services, you certify that you are at least 21 years of age, that you are familiar with all local laws in your area affecting your right to access adult-oriented materials for your own private enjoyment and that Alexis Club has the legal right to transmit our website to you and that you will not make any Alexis Club related information available to a minor.

No Offers of Prostitution:

Alexis Club does not condone or encourage illegal behavior.  No offer of prostitution is made or implied through this web site or any communication method.  Money is exchanged for time and companionship only, anything else which may occur is a matter of mutual consent between two or more adults of legal age.  By seeking and obtaining these services, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions as a legally binding contract.    We Conform with legal requirements or complying with Dominican Republic legal process.

Posted on: November 21st, 2009 Real Photos Real Escorts


Many first time clients ask an assortment of interesting questions, such as why we normally photograph our ladies in our office instead of on the beach or with palm trees. This is so that

you can easily know that all of our girls are real. This should be obvious, they all stood in the

same spot. It’s unfortunate that fake photographs of fake girls are very common in adult entertainment. However, you can avoid that (in many cases) by being observant. Photos which are stolen from other web sites around the internet usually have a different background in

every picture.

Also, because we do not bait-and-switch, we do not need to hide angry patrons in the airport parking lot or make you wait until you reach the resort before presenting your selected girlfriend(s). Your companion will wait for you in the receiving line in the airport arrivals reception area and you will recognize her when you arrive.

All of our patrons are very happy to discover that we present their selected companion and that she looks like the photos. Our ladies are very excited to meet you in the arrivals lounge in order

to personally welcome you into our country! Many passengers are warmly greeted

like this during every flight of every day, it’s what people who are happy to see each other do.

The same for the dozens of prestigious all-inclusive beach resorts which we coordinate, they provide real amenities and real luxury in a setting which is internationally ranked at either four stars or five stars. Some of our resorts are “adult only” with intimate and pampering settings while others are romantic, lively and great fun.

All of our resorts have hundreds of staff members in order to ensure that your stay is an enjoyable one and they each feature several restaurants, a casino, a disco and everything else which will make your holiday wonderful. Couples from all over the world enjoy their honeymoon in them, just like you.

Please visit our Photos & Bios Page and you will understand.

Finally, we would love to find out if you ever asked any other provider to guarantee you the escort you select in the galleries is the one who will be with?  Have you tried that?

Posted on: November 18th, 2009 Meet Your Ladies

Gabby – She’s is an opened-minded young lady who is a wild extrovert and full of fun.  She’s a rare combination, Gabby is the one in a million girl who is a sincere GFE girlfriend with a dynamic personality around the resort and a naughty play toy in your bedroom.

You will have a memorable vacation with her, she loves walking, the beach, swimming, dancing, the casino, water sports and hot nasty sex.

Enjoy her to the fullest and you will not regret your holiday this year!  She’s 5’5" tall, she’s 26 years old and her stats are 35C/25/37.

Jeiny - is a perfect ten with a hot curvy body to die for. She’s always upbeat and you will love her

eager-to-please personality. She’s a warm and caring girlfriend around the resort, people will think

you are honeymooners. She’s a jogger, in bed she’ll ride you for miles. You deserve a lady this

wonderful, enjoy! She’s 5’2" tall, she’s 24 years old and her stats are 34D/22/36. Jeiny is

pronounced the same as "Ginny”.


Bianca is a sexy hot sex bomb who will ignite your holiday. She’s fun and lively, a real extrovert who will curl your toes. She’s also your ideal girlfriend, she’s a hot and naughty young girl who you will never forget. In bed she’s a nasty and naughty hot babe while around the resort she loves walking, swimming and having a great time with you. Treat yourself to this petite, curvaceous and yummy lady and enjoy a vacation to remember! She’s 5’6" tall, she’s 23 years old and her stats are 2C/24/36


Bubbles has a beautiful smile, a great personality and she’s a wild one who is up for anything.  Around the resort she’s a natural people person who will spice up everything and keep you enthralled.

She’s a fun girlfriend who is bilingual, fluent English and fluent Pleasure.  She’s a scorching fireball in bed, a total bisexual who loves to give and give and give.  You will wear out before she does.

Her specialty is hot lesbian threesomes!  She’s 5’4" tall, she’s 30 years old and her stats are 34D/24/35.


Eve is 5’5" tall, she’s 25 years old and her stats are 34D/25/36. She is a gorgeous model sildenafil otc.

She’s a classy professional model with years of work in hot spots like Brazil and Venezuela. She’s a natural “people person” who makes everybody feel comfortable and happy. She’s great fun around the resort, Eve is outgoing, lively and a great conversationalist! She’s charismatic and romantic, you’ll be the envy of every other man alive with her by your side. She exudes sensuality and in bed she’s a thoroughbred champion. She’s 5’5" tall, she’s 25 years old, and her stats are 34D/25/36. Eve is pronounced “Evy”


Jessica is 5’5" tall, she’s 24 years old and her stats are 32C/24/33.

She’s a fine balance between an extrovert and an introvert, she’s everybody’s best friend. She loves to read and swim and she enjoys mellow music and cooking. She’s a GFE, on the romantic side and quite the sex kitten. You’ll have to be careful about her sexy bedroom eyes, she’s very mesmerizing.


Check out our packages first and select your lady.

We Provide: Male & Female Escorts

Guests / Clients: Male – Female – Couples – Groups

All Packages Absolutely All Inclusive – Taxes & Tipping Included

NOTES: We prefer you select your escort before you arrive.  This escort will be at the airport pick up.  If you do not want to select in advance, call us with your preferences, we will bring two or three ladies that much your description.   Please socialize with them for a short period of time and then select one, you can always switch the next day.  This service is free of charge.

Bellow are the services and facilities we offer.  We have secured preferential rates for all of them, all packages are absolutely all-inclusive, (including your escort(s) and tipping!). 
If you prefer to book your own accommodations, we will be more than happy to provide you with  
"Regular Outcall Escort Service"

Where else can you find between 45 to 50 real escorts plus additional fresh new ladies every month?  With a portfolio like this, you can enjoy a six night trip with six (or more) different girls and get a great selection for every night.  That’s more ladies than some alternate service providers have for their whole resort!  With this kind of selection, as you can imagine, we’re a popular agency.  The girls are grabbed first come first served but don’t worry!  You can reserve your companion(s) from the second your holiday is booked and we guarantee your selections FOR YOU when you arrive!

Now, why not book with another company but make sure you get the lady you see in the galleries after you arrive.


Posted on: November 16th, 2009 Drama free with no taboos

  Tiffany our newest with most flair and a real flirt escort. Tiffany is a shy, loving and cuddly lady who is your ultimate GFE for a relaxing and refreshing holiday. She loves long walks on the beach and her smile will make you happy on a bad day! She loves cooking for you and sharing your intimate pleasure. Enjoy this open minded lady who is drama free with no taboos today! She’s 5’6″ tall, she’s 27 years old and her stats are 34D/27/37.



 Sabel had a few week off so she could work few things in her head.  She is back with the promise to be the best possible provider. 

Sabel – She is a true girlfriend and GFE in every sense of the word, you will find her to be very loving, cuddly and romantic.  Her sexy bedroom eyes will make you want to take her into your arms and never let go.  She loves long walks on the beach and relaxing with you around the resort and in the bedroom.  She’s a perfect ten in every respect, a special lady who will brighten up your holiday and send you home recharged.  She’s 5’6″ tall, she’s 23 years old and her stats are 32B/25/35.



 Yessica is back and we have some new photos of her! 

Yessica is 5’4″ tall, she’s 21 years old and her stats are 34C/24/34. She’s a Gorgeous Model.

She tends to be shy sometimes and wild other times. She has a look that will make you melt, you’ll want to devour her and she’ll let you. She’s warm and sincere, you’ll find her very affectionate and sexy. She’s very well rounded, a perfect girlfriend sometimes and a wild companion at other times.





Gabby Most playfull and satisfaction guarantee! 

Gabby – She’s is an opened-minded young lady who is a wild extrovert and full of fun.  She’s a rare combination, Gabby is the one in a million girl who is a sincere GFE girlfriend with a dynamic personality around the resort and a naughty play toy in your bedroom.

You will have a memorable vacation with her, she loves walking, the beach, swimming, dancing, the casino, water sports and hot nasty sex.

Enjoy her to the fullest and you will not regret your holiday this year!  She’s 5’5″ tall, she’s 26 years old and her stats are 35C/25/37.


Important Reminder

We are so well run and top flight that we will do your holiday for free if we are not able to provide you with the girls that you select.

That’s as clear cut as it gets, we stand behind our holidays 100%.

We have a lot of ladies, I know that there are a couple of perfect girls for you.  Lets figure out your main selection and your two backups and that’s the exact girl(s) you will get for your holiday.

That specific girl and no other.

If that doesn’t happen, if we don’t provide you with the girls which we promised you, you’re holiday is free and we will bring the next girl who is closest to your tastes with us to the airport instead.  If you would like to keep our selection for the rest of your holiday, great!  If not, we will be happy to exchange her (free of charge) on the following day to any other lady which you select (who is available).  In either case, the resort part of your holiday remains identical.

Naturally, you will meet your selected companion in the airport receiving line and both of you will travel over to the resort together.  You will know that everything is perfect before even leaving the controlled environment of the airport with us.  That’s as safe and aboveboard as it gets!

That’s the Alexis Club commitment to you, we take having fun very serious.  And you will have fun, either with your selected girls or with another girl that you select free of charge after you arrive for your free holiday.

Posted on: November 15th, 2009 Keeping You Updated

November 10 2009

Follow Lexxxy In Twitter

November 10-25 2009

Get 5% off Any Vacation Package

Travel any Time Up to March 2010




Recently, we at Alexis Club have noticed that several escort services advertising on the web have been stealing our escorts’ photos and posting them as their own on sites the likes of "Craiglist" and "Backpage," as well as many other classified url’s. Imitation is the purest form of flattery and we are truly honored to be the most pirated adult service provider in the world! But that doesn’t excuse the thefts.

For the record, all photos posted on are in fact OUR girls – and nobody else’s! And all the photos are real.

Our ladies do not provide local services in any of those cities for any other employers! We do not operate in North America or any other part of the world except The Caribbean. You are being bait-and-switched pure and simple! If you like the girls in these stolen photos, the only way to meet them is with Alexis Club. So give us a call and let the adventure begin because with Alexis Club, it will be a dream come true.

With the bait-and-switchers, it will be a nightmare and a must to avoid. It’s unfortunate that there are so many internet pirates and we feel that you the consumer – and our future satisfied customers – really need to be aware of all the hustlers in cyberspace.

And that’s why we’re posting this message! Thank you and when you’re ready for the real deal…give us a call. 11 – 800 -919 – 9794

Save the difference, relax on the beach and really enjoy our beautiful ladies who caught your eye somewhere else in real life.

November 9 2009

Remember our Brochures.     You can view them, download them even print them and send to friends who do not have the use of a computer.

Package #1    Package #2    Escorts    Bachelors Package    Canadian Package



November 6 2009

Beautiful Yessica is back, her new photos will be posted in a couple of days.

Lexxxy is back from South America and she will start posting on the Twitter again. 
She has some interesting things to say especially with some North American Friends/Escorts.  Join her

America is moved to on request lost, some personal problems.

Sabel is out, after months of training and 3 appointments she did not what to do, very disappointing for such a beautiful lady.

Gina will be available January 1st 2010.

We should remind you that Bubbles is fluent in English.

October 29

November 2 2009

New Escort: Gabby – New & Group Photos : Gabby-Jeiny-Bianca-Yiari.




Alexis Club

For under $600 per day

Your Selected escort 24/7

Beach Resort

Ocean View Junior Suite Accommodations

All Meals – Fine Dining – Snacks and

Beverages for Two Persons

Buffet – Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner –

Grill (Tex-Mex) – Pasta Club (Italian)

National (Dominican) – (Snack bar &

casual dining) – Swim up bar

Pool bars  – Sports bar

24 Hour Unlimited Cocktails

Las Vegas Style Casino

Admission to the Night Club (drinks included)

Live Nightly Entertainment & Theater


World Class Golf Course (18holes)

Wi-Fi Internet

Three Swimming Pools and Jacuzzis

3 Tennis clay courts (available during

daytime and nighttime)

Basketball courts

Beach volleyball courts

Fitness Center

Non motorized Watersports

Available Excursions

Daily activities program

A 9 hole mini golf course and shuffle board

Airport Transfers – All Tips – Gratuities –

Taxes – Service Charges

Your City

Low Estimates

Escort 24/7                   $1,500 – $2,000

Hotel                             $180.00

Meals & Drinks For

Two Persons                  $400.00

Entertainment               $200.00

Transportation              $100.00


Photos of our ladies are widely circulating in many adult and classified sites.

For the record, our ladies do not work outside the Dominican Republic.

You are just being baited-and-switched.


1. Select your package.

2. Select your escort(s) here
3. Call us with your selections 1-800-919-9794. 
4. We give you the OK.

5. Buy your airline tickets from your Travel Agent.

6. Send us your flight information.

7. We reply with invoice and payments details.         
8. Done.

October 25 2009

Bachelors’ Party – Airport Pickup – Office Group Photos

October 18 2009

# New escort Lity.  New photos Annibel  Photos and bio details will be posted in a couple of days.

Lity Annibel

# Another funny and interesting story Obsessive Compulsive

from Dollar Bill’s Psycho Roundup Blog

October 17 2009

# Active Sales & Discounts

November 14-17 & 19-22 2009  4days & 3nights       
Beach Resort & Casino – Package #1  Regular  $2,490.00  this Sale $2,320.00


3 Days & 2 Nights Packages Only  Beach Resort & Casino – Package #1

3 days & 2 Nights  Regular  $1,770.00   This Sale  $1,630  

# Many prospective clients are asking questions that the answers are already posted on the Home Page.  Here are the questions, please click the link to find the answers.

Are the escorts tested for STD’s?

How do I know you are not a fraud?

Duplicate Escorts & Services

We dare you to compare

Stolen Photos

Our Guarantees (Escorts & Payments)

Alexis Club – What is all about?

Resorts & Reviews

Business Practices

Most Frequently Asked Questions

# November 5 to 8 2009 discounted cancellation package #1 was sold.

October 13 2009

# Interesting comments from a client who just returned.  This is Live Chat conversation.

: Lexxy pulled visitor

: Hey, its Sal. Just got home and wanted to thank you for a great vacation. Your not kidding when you say you won’t want to leave.

Lexxy: hi Sal, this Lexxxy one of the girls in the office, I am glad, certainly Alexis will get your review from me.

: Ok cool. I appreciate it. I really cant stop thinking about Bianca…It’s driving me nuts…gunna take a few days to get use to not having her around

Lexxy: Sal, Alexis always told us, taht is the way he always felt so the clients should be the same.

: Well Bianca is an amazing girl….If I could do it again I would…

Lexxy: Any time, I am sure Alexis will talk and tell her the news, he always does that, bad or good.

: Cool thanks again

October 12 2009

# Cancellation: November 5-8 2009  4days & 3nights  with Bianca or Honey Beach Resort & Casino. Regular  $2,490  this Sale $2,190.

# We extended the 3 days & 2 nights sales for October and we added some sale dates in November.  The sale dates are only for Package #1 Beach Resort & Casino.  We do not believe the resorts will give us any discounts in December.

#  Some new interesting questions posted in FAQ’s read the answers

"clothing worn at restaurants and bars"

#  Another update from our friends in New York  at Dollar Bill’s Psycho Roundup.

Click the link to read  BEHIND THE BEHIND

October 10 2009

New Photos August & SeptemberGina – Eve – Jessica – Alexi – Ana – Blonddy – Lisa – Penelope -Bubbles -  A. Sahira – Sierra


October 9 2009

# Canela   is in 3rd year of college.  She is available Friday after 6pm to Sunday 2pm.  Please keep in mind this information if you plan to book your vacation and have her as your companion.

# Blonddy will be off for one and half month.

#  our Adult & Escorts Classified Sites now accepting ads that you can upgrade to Featured Ads for free.  First come first serve.

# Check out some interesting articles we just posted.

Duplicate Escorts & Services (Other Sites)



October 7 2009

# Hurry!! no much time left.  Package#1 Beach Resort & Casino great sales for October and November, plus last minute deals & discounts.

#  New Escorts: AshleyBubbles

Back: Yessica immediately -  A.Sahira November 1st 2009.


#  From your top two escorts’ selection, one  will be available at the airport pick up and the second one will be available in case you wish to switch.

#  We have two guarantees.  First, you will be met at the airport with one of your top two selected escorts and the escort will be registered at the resort with you.

Second, you will check in at the resort you have selected.  After you feel we have satisfied the above requests, you will need to pay the balance of your invoice.

Note:  Balance must be paid on arrival with cash US$ or Euros. Traveler’s Checks and Credit Cards must be coordinated in advance due to the difficulty of payment by those methods. These instruments may require as long as two hours to cash and this must be performed in a bank so you must include an additional 13% for bank fees and your flight must arrive before 1:30PM at the resort on Monday through Friday.

Posted on: November 4th, 2009 Adult & Escorts Classifieds

Welcome to ALEXISCLUB.BIZ, the newest, easiest and best way for providers and consumers of all things adult to meet and hook up! If you’re interested in buying or selling products or services – or just want to get informed – ALEXISCLUB.BIZ this is the place to be!

If you’re an escort who wants to reach out and find the perfect client, you can easily and efficiently place a high visibility advertisement free-of-charge to promote your services. And unlike other sites of this genre, you will not be deleted, flagged or any other familiar procedure nefariously designed to sabotage your efforts. With us, you won’t hear any of those bizarre excuses for why your ad has been “bent, folded or mutilated.” Your ad is your ad and nobody can mess with it. Period.
And while others water down their sites with multiple sections concerning purchases and sales of apartments, cars, bicycles and whatever, ALEXISCLUB.BIZ is all about the adult market. We are designed to cater exclusively to the needs and desires of adults with adult interests. So register, log in…and let the journey begin! And may all have a total satisfying experience with ALEXISCLUB.BIZ. That’s what we’re all about!
Post a high visibility free advertisement to promote yourself which  will not be messed with like in other locations.
View adult classifieds for your area and hook up today! This site specializes in Escorts, Adult Products, Adult Services and Entertainment classifieds only.
Free Featured Ads:
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